Head’s Up:- The Coalsack

So I goofed a bit and didn't take a screenshot, but I was out exploring the Coalsack and picked up a *LOT* of spooky Alien signals. Like 90-ish. Some of them rated at Threat level 8.

Which of course means I turned tail, probably the most damaging thing on my boat is the Heatsink but if anyone ones to head out there with bigger guns, have fun.

Edit:- *Pretty Sure* I was at Musca Dark Region HM-V c2-37.
Just in case, Musca Dark Region LY-Q b5-10 and Musca Dark Region PY-O a7-0 were my before and after locations.

Should have written it down. At the time I thought it was spooky, didn't occur to me that it might be important too until later.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/k3q4mj/heads_up_the_coalsack/

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