Here’s a list of Engineers and nearby Tech Brokers to add Mass Manager on the new FSD drives.

To save you all the trouble and especially if you haven’t done it yet, here are all the engineers that work on FSD drives and their closest human tech brokers so you can pimp out your drive with Mass Manager.

Colonel Bris Dekker, SOL
Dobrovolskiy Enterprise, WISE 1506+7027
Merbold Ring, EQ PEGASI

Professor Palin, ARQUE
Virts Dock, CHEMALUK

Elvira Martuuk, KHUN
Xiaoguan Station, KRINDA

Felicity Farseer, DECIAT
Grissom Dock, LTT 3290

If you’re like me and you KNOW you procrastinate, at least buy the modules now before the discount ends. Then you can relax and worry about adding the experimental later.

Also, RIP to all the drives I’ve engineered. It’s torture selling these old drives 🙁


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