How much money do you spend?

"The Interstellar Credit (cr) is the universal currency as regulated by the Bank of Zaonce. However, it’s a rather big unit of currency. The approximate value of even a single credit is about $50 in 21st century money. You don’t buy candy bars, meals at fast food restaurants or underwear with credits (unless it’s very nice underwear, of course)."

This little piece of text that explains the value of our most beloved credits comes straight from the Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game core book. It also explains the MicroCredits (100 mCr = 1 Cr) and Units (100 u = 1 mCr), but these are not important to us.

Let's get started with some basic examples, shall we?

If you were to go right now to your nearest spaceship seller to buy a default Sidewinder, you would need 32,000 Cr * 50 = 1,600,000 $.

An F-22 Raptor comes at about 350 million dollars, so let's move further into the catalogue. An Imperial Courier would come at a price of 2,500,000 Cr * 50 = 125,000,000 $. That's about 35% the cost of an F-22.

What if we wanted something more? A fully kitted out Fer-De-Lance would come at about 140,000,000 Cr * 50 = 7,000,000,000 $, or 7 billion $. That's enough money to buy 1,500 Lamborghini Veneno, the most expensive car in the world (4.5 million $).

What, you have more money to spend? Then let's check out the glorious Federal Corvette, what do you say? And as a special offer, we can throw in all the necessary modules to get you ready for heavy combat for the grand total price of 700,000,000 Cr * 50 = 35,000,000,000 $, or 35 billion $. With that much money you could buy 2.7 US Navy Carriers (12.8 billion $).

Ah, I see you're now intersted in the most expensive thing you can buy in E:D, the Fleet Carrier! Well that's quite easy, 5,000,000,000 Cr * 50 = 250,000,000,000 $, or 250 billion $. Congratulations! You've spent more money then the net worth of the richest man on Earth, Jeff Bezos (187 billion $).

Extra fact: In 2019, with a total net worth of 106 trllions $, the USA could buy only 600 Fleet Carrier. Considering a playerbase of 15million players and a ratio of 2% of these players owning a Carrier (according to the XBox achievement), there are 300,000 carriers in the entire galaxy.

If these numbers are to be belived, then an amount of 250,000,000,000 * 300,000 = 7.5 * 1016 $ or 7.5 quadrillion $ are floating in space.

7,500,000,000,000,000 $

That is 20 times the total amount of global wealth in 2019.

You, dear commander, are very lucky. Use your wealth wisely.


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