How to Evade a Gank Easily

Sick of getting your paper ship blown up? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Evading a gank is extremely easy, and I’m telling you how to do it. First though, make sure your ship won’t explode from a sneeze, and make sure the thrusters and distro are good.

Step 1: Supercruise Awareness

This is the most important part. Mastery of this means you’ll never be ganked. I mean it. First, press “CTRL+B.” This will show your bandwidth. If you’re jumping to a system and you see it consistently stay above 1k, then you’re instancing with someone. Once in system, you can check your recent contacts panel (2 panel with the clock icon) to see who it is. If you see a hollow square/triangle on your radar, that’s a commander. Make sure to check their intervals to see if they have a PvP loadout. If they do, high wake to a different system.

Step 2: What To Do If You Can't Charge In Time

If you can't charge before you get interdicted, make sure you still have the system selected. When you get interdicted, throttle down to zero. This will allow you to submit to the interdiction, which means you'll have a much shorter FSD cooldown.

Step 3: What Happens After You Get Interdicted

Immediately, put your pips to 4 2 0. You need all the shields you can get, and you won't be able to outrun your attacker and you won't be able to fight back unless you're in a PvP build. Then, turn towards your attacker and boost. Keep on doing this, and when your FSD reboots start charging it. Keep boosting and jousting, until your FSD is fully charged, which at that point you boost towards your target system.


Congrats! You have evaded a gank. If you died, then reach out to your attacker, and be nice, as it is a game after all. Most gankers are PvPers, so if you ask for help they will give you some, including helpful discords and guides.'

Keep in mind that this is open mode, and that being ganked is a part of it. If you don't want to be ganked, then play in solo.


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