How to make own Taxi in Elite(Hint)

This is the Diamondback Explorer build that I use as a taxi, when I need to move to another ship or my carrier. This is a ship that is cheaply called through a "ship transfer", which allows you to jump between other ships with specific builds (and a short jump length) or not to jump the carrier.

The peculiarity of this build is that it is as cheap as possible and provides the maximum jump range. As a result, calling this ship from any part of the bubble rarely costs more than 50k credits. The total cost of the ship is 5kk, the rebuy cost is 250k. Ship transfer cost from 500ly ≈ 150k.

This build uses a 5A FSD V1, which allows this ship to jump 75 light years (with a full jump capacity of over 500 light years with 5C Fuel tank).

Ship have a fuel scoop, but you don't have to waste time for refueling when jumping, because a stock of 500ly is usually enough.,,,9p31_A4OH_7J_W0AN8G_5I_W0AdsG_5J0060upD6qpD8qpDE_PcGzcQKrxHAqq0_B2uG_5L_W0BK40_Bcg10,,4-E3_3300_mpW0nG2_0nF2_,Taxi,RE_D25D


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