How worried should we be about the admin system coming to java?

So I don't know much about it and haven't really looked into it much myself, but a buddy of mine has been hyping this thing up as a very bad thing for Minecraft. Currently, its only on bedrock but coming to Java once the account migrations happen. I, personally, just make buildings and such in survival for a bit, maybe kill the end dragon, then stop playing until I find mods that look interesting and do something with that for a short time before I stop again and play Vanilla.

I don't usually play much multiplayer Minecraft but, from what I've been told, this Admin system watches you in singleplayer as well and can ban your account from playing Minecraft at all. With this in place it makes my friend paranoid that we might slip up in some way when we're goofing off with each other and we all end up banned because of a stupid joke we thought only we could see. Again I am not smart enough to understand if any of this is true, or how it even works, but I want to make sure so I can know how bad this system is.

Sorry if this a dumb thing to ask about but I'm just unsure and worried (possibly being just as paranoid as my friend) and want some peace of mind from other smart people.

Thanks for reading.


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