I think I’ve solved the Pulse Wave Analyzer Issue

Edit: I didn't solve the pulse wave analyzer issue. Sorry for the misinformation, gang. o7

Simply mount the PWA in a slot that allows it to face "forward" and the pulse it emits will travel in the proper direction.

You can tell your PWA is facing the correct direction when one of the 3 prongs on its outer casing is oriented to the nose of your ship; as you can see here, the "front" of the PWA module is pointing to the bottom of your screen.

The pulse from the PWA is fired from the "front" of the PWA module, so you can mount the PWA in any slot that allows the single prong to point to your bow. Thanks to u/Tahnya666's post in r/EliteMiners for the hint.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/k3dnhc/i_think_ive_solved_the_pulse_wave_analyzer_issue/

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