If nobody is taking on the Hydra in a AX conflict zone please don’t stick around indefinitely, leave the conflict zone so it can reset and people have something else to destroy other than endless Thargoid scouts.

For the last few days I've seen players flying around in a AX conflict zone only killing Thargoid scout ships while ignoring the Hydra. That Hydra is supposed to be the 'final boss' in a way after you've survived all the waves, while Thargoid scout ships will keep spawning that Hydra is always the last Interceptor to spawn which means unless the conflict zone is reset (or shit breaks) no other Thargoid interceptors will spawn in, and this isn't really fair for people who have accepted missions to take on Basilisks and those hell flower things, not to mention you make less money.

There is always private group and solo mode of course but not everybody has the ship or skills required to survive through all the waves or take on the deadlier flower ships solo and not everybody is in a private group.

I'm sorry if I sound rude I'm not trying to be so I apologize if I am, I've just been dealing with this for a few days and I figure some people just weren't aware but that's not surprising given how rare AX conflict zones are.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/qkqy9r/if_nobody_is_taking_on_the_hydra_in_a_ax_conflict/

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