If you’ve been getting the ‘Scarlet Krait’ error on Xbox, FDev has known about it and has no ETA on a fix.

I've been told this may get me banned but I feel this is pertinent information that is not being disclosed.

I have made my share of shitposts and am becoming known as a "troll" in the ED community. I am by no means a large content creator and thus my small and insignificant role in the galaxy is largely unnoticed. I am saying this because some of my fans like to discredit me in attempts to silence me but this is by no means a shitpost or troll.

I am a player of the game and this post is nothing more than my opinion and attempt to share what little information I have about this particular issue.

Regardless of when I first got these Scarlet Krait errors, I reported it and received confirmation from FDev in late March 2021. I have tried several methods to work around this error, to little avail. I reached out and again got confirmation from FDev in late April 2021, almost exactly one month from my initial contact.

They state there is no ETA on a fix. I feel like we may not get one for a long time. I have included screenshots as confirmation of FDev's statements. I am aware that it could be considered a breach in confidentiality but as I am not disclosing any sensitive or personal information I feel this should be public knowledge.

Why should we as the Xbox ED community, have faith in pre-ordering a copy of the Odyssey expansion when our core version of the game is unstable as such?

I will not say the game is unplayable as I do still log several hours a week but it has become so incredibly difficult that I am quickly losing interest in trying.

We have seen a few CMDRs start to make the transition to PC not entirely due to this issue but the thought has crossed my mind recently. My only hesitation comes from the thought that ED was recently released on Xbox Game Pass. This means a large influx of players were brought into the ED galaxy but FDev has still neglected to provide a stable game on our platform.

What happens down the road when there are unforeseen issues with the Odyssey launch on PC? Will that community be subject to months of broken and frustrating gameplay? Will FDev continue to focus on supporting the PC platform and further delay the console release of Odyssey?

I think the latter is the safer assumption and that leaves me with a bitter feeling of indifferent neglect. Simply put, it seems to me that FDev does not care about the Xbox community and the state of the game on our platform.




Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mz305o/if_youve_been_getting_the_scarlet_krait_error_on/

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