iG.JT- got covid, too.

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Although all members of the team tested negative for nucleic acid on the afternoon of the 28th in Romania, in the early hours of the 29th JT- began to feel unwell and had feverish symptoms. We immediately requested a second nucleic acid test for JT and the results were positive. During the trip, JT was in the same room with a member of the team, who is currently in no abnormal condition and whose second nucleic acid test result was negative. JT-'s fever has now subsided and he is in self-contained isolation in his room; the staff member has also been placed in a separate room for isolation. The rest of the staff will be tested for nucleic acid on the morning of 30th local time and we will keep you informed.

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Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/py3geo/igjt_got_covid_too/

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