Imperial Security Council resolution on Anti-Botting Agreement

In recognition that scripted commanders exist, and in recognition of the deleterious effect that parties utilizing scripted commanders have had on the political landscape and communities of Elite: Dangerous, the Imperial Security Council hereby endorses the "Anti-Botting Agreement" as detailed below:

The use of “Shadow Wings” and “Ghost Fleets” in Power Play and the Background Simulation is something we wish was not a part of Elite: Dangerous. Rather than hope it goes away, or that it affects someone else, the following groups and individuals are proud to sign up to the following A-BA Code of Practice.

We pledge:

  • To not use scripted commanders in Elite: Dangerous
  • To not benefit from 3rd parties using scripted commanders in Elite: Dangerous
  • To report any suspected scripted accounts to the Frontier Developments Community Protection team

By endorsing the "Anti-Botting Agreement," the Imperial Security Council wishes to publicize the significance of this issue, that it has been significant for years, and that Frontier has so far not been able to make effective progress in limiting or resolving it.

The Imperial Security Council strongly encourages but does not require member squadrons to sign to this agreement.

The following member squadrons in the ISC hereby sign this resolution:

  • 1st Galactic Line of Defence
  • 9th Legion
  • Artemis Corp
  • BFNF Solutions
  • Cerberus
  • Chapterhouse of Inquisition
  • East India Company
  • Forsaken Hunters
  • Imperial Enforcement Division
  • Imperial Hegemony of Palailogos
  • Imperial Privateers
  • Imperial Self Defense Force
  • Lunatics Mercantile Association Of Operators
  • Nova Imperium
  • Praetorian Curiate Assembly
  • Prismatic Knights
  • Quantum Intelligence
  • Shadows of the Void

The ISC is a new BGS-focused advocacy group for Imperial and Empire player factions modeled similar to the UN. The goal of this organization is to provide a forum for Imperial BGS groups and CMDRs to find each other, network with each other, coordinate on matters of mutual concern, share news and information of interest, and participate in common defense.


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