Important points from Apex Devstream summed up!

Apex Legends developers did a Devstream few hours ago, which you can watch here:

Apex Devstream // Episode 001

Now, we watched the whole 1 hour thing for you, and plotted down few awesome changes that will be in the next update!

Issues that will be addressed in Season 3

  1. There will be changes to the charge rifle. It'll be nerfed in the future update.
  2. Patch to Crypto's drone to fix Pathfinders ziplines and Gibraltar's flying dome.
  3. T-posing characters bug fixed

Quality of life improvements

Now, this is pretty awesome change that'll be added in the game!

  1. You'll be able to change the characters in training mode.
  2. Training mode now contains all the attachments and hop-ups which will be present in game!

Here's how it'll look from now on.

As you can see in the below picture, attachments are laid out in front of guns.



Guns+Dummy to the right

  1. There will now be dummies in training mode which you can practice on!

  2. You can bring squadmates in training mode!

  3. Training mode will be renamed to "Firing range"!

  4. You can change your character any time you want. So for example you can be pathfinder, add a zipline, become wraith and take that zipline.

First look at the night mode in Kings Canyon!

You can either watch the video by clicking the link below, it'll carry you to the exact spot where the developers showed the night mode, or you can see the images below!

Click here to watch the video at certain point on YouTube

Here's how it looks at night time!

And the last two sections are for merchandise and showing fan-arts. You can watch the video at the link mentioned above!

And a shameless plug here, I'm developer of Companion for Apex Legends. Weapons, Legends Guide and I sat through the whole 1 hour video and created this post for News section in the app. Usually I don't post such News posts on reddit, but this one really took time summing it up, creating screenshots and then compressing them, etc etc. So decided to post it here!

Feel free to comment if I missed out on anything! (I won't be replying because it's 4:34 AM right now and I'm going to bed).


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