Important PSA – Seriously, read this and avoid making my mistake…

Safe to say, I am pretty frustrated right now…

Accepted mission to clear out scavengers @ target location.

Headed to location in taxi – landed safely/no issues.

Spent a good 30 minutes or more killing 7 bullet sponge enemies as instructed.

Picked up 30-40k bounties for each kill, and mission reward was to be about 550k.

Called taxi to come pick me up – it lands without issue and I sprint to the entry point thinking 'Hell yea, I'm in for a big payout when I get back'.

Notice shields of the taxi are dropping rapidly…. *Fuck*… I realise the sentry turrets are now attacking the taxi.

Taxi takes off and gets to 'safe' altitude and begins charging FSD with only 28% hull HP left…

*big explosion*

Lagged out, last bit of ship hull HP disappears and I'm sat staring at the redeploy screen.

PSA: Deactivate all sentry turrets before taking off.



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