In reference to the new Ranked Series coming up.

Talking about the upcoming Ranked Series that was leaked here;

All these things "working well" are what I think will not do any good for the game.

If anything the splits have made people less interested in ranked since they dont want to grind their ass off twice for a rank that barely offers anything.

The map switch is fine but Kings Canyon is terrible for ranked and for me personally I can't convince myself to grind to Diamond again just for an animated badge.

I had high hopes for a new map but judging from this post we're going to have Kings Canyon for ranked first meaning the rumours are true and we're getting an update for KC rather than a new map …

The reconnect feature is great though but for me personally I didn't have a lot of issues with disconnecting.

All of this, unless Kings Canyon rework / addition is done in the most amazing way or there's a good amount of new content makes me not want to play this game as much as I have before.


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