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It’s clear that we all dream of more interactive competitive scene that continues to do justice to this game we all love. Recently, a few of us fellow gamers decided to start making that dream a reality by building a fantasy prediction game. We call it, SuperPOG!


Screen shots: Walkthrough

Predictions have always been a core part of Dota, whether it’s on here or on stream. And, unless Kyle tells us who’s going to lose (by telling us who he thinks will win), the increasingly competitive nature of professional Dota is making predictions increasingly unpredictable. Now, with SuperPOG, we can all put our predictions to the test.

SuperPOG is all about interaction, geared towards playing with your friends, colleagues, and the wider Dota community. You select the tournament you want to play, then select your picks for the winning teams and receive points based on your results to top leaderboards.

For every tournament you can create pools. These pools can be for the general public (like the reddit/dota2 pool you can join with the codes below), or just create a private one that only you and your friends can access.

It's completely free for everyone, and you can start playing now. Just to be clear, we are not partnering with any betting or gambling entities. But that doesn’t mean you can’t create your own personal stakes with your friends. In fact, we’ve decided to get the ball rolling. You now stand a chance to win £100 pounds in the Reddit/dota2 pools. We have pools up for the tournaments below, you can either search for them or join them with the following codes:

  • LIVE: BTS: Pro Series 7 (SEA) > On-going/started
  • LIVE: OGA Dota Pit S5: China > CODE: 5PMD
  • UPCOMING: BTS: Pro Series 7 (Americas) > CODE: To be confirmed
  • UPCOMING: ESL One Fall > CODE: To be confirmed

We are still in the relative early stages of the app’s development (and as is tradition, we’ll remain in “Beta” in submission to our Lord Gaben). But our top priority to is make this experience fun, accessible and smooth. In this respect your support and feedback will be greatly appreciated so we can improve and grow to meet the needs and expectations of the community. So, if you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to ask them below.

With all that said, we hope you’ll consider signing up and if you enjoy, sharing your experience so we can build a solid player base before the upcoming TI.

We will keep sharing the Reddit/Dota2 pool for upcoming tournaments so keep an eye out!

Much love to all you people!

Message / DM us here or through social media:
Instagram: superpog_official
Twitter: superpog_

Additional details:

What is SuperPOG?

The app, SuperPOG, is an esports fantasy prediction game. Players predict the outcome of esports matches to earn points to compete on global leader boards and/or private pools with friends and colleagues.

Screenshots – walkthrough

How it works?

Choose to join various upcoming / live tournaments. Create or join some pools and start making your picks for upcoming matches and earn points. Points are earned based on Win Points, Bonus Points and Streak Points. It’s that simple. More details on "How to play" included within the app menu.

Who can use SuperPOG?

Anyone, it’s completely free! So come join us, and while you’re at it, invite some friends to your pools. If you just want to play solo, you can simply track your progress against the global leader boards.


We suggest creating pools with friends with approximately 30 people (however, there’s no limitation) to get the best experience. You also need to be following the tournament closely. As we know, Dota often has games on the same day where the teams that play in them are only decided based on the results of previous ones. This means you need to make your picks in the time between such games.

Plans for the future?

This is our first release with all the basic core functionalities. We have tons of ideas and features that we can't wait to implement so we are committed to improve and build a better experience for the community.


If you want to join, please message us here OR contact us via our social media platforms OR email us at and we’d be happy to help.

Check out our app here –

Instagram: superpog_official

Twitter: superpog_

Again, we appreciate all types of feedback to help better shape the app for your experience, or to just motivate us further. So please, send us any thoughts you might have, even if you just want to say hi!


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