Kinda the farlands but for bedrock

I don't know if something similar has been posted like this before but if you do "/tp 12550842 ~ ~" where you go will be as difficult to navigate as it would be on the farlands but without the look of the farlands I haven't tested this on other seeds yet but for mine there was a random split in world generation one side ocean with nothing but a pillager outpost and all the way down to bedrock then normal mountain type biome also you go through every block no matter the settings.

You can only move in either the x or z axis the y axis is free range motion you can also not move in diagonals
Every not full block (stairs,slabs, brewing stands etc) will become a full block and no mobs spawn no matter the difficulty
Searching the ocean will only lead to bare bone thing like ruined portals and villages so far and apparently an underwater ruined portal
Cave systems with lava do spawn only it has a pocket of air around it and going into the pocket with make it be filled the air pocket is just water
Turning is not fun it's so choppy and it takes 2-3 seconds to register character movement but camara is instant
I tped but the furthest you can go is 30,000,000 If one axis is the 30 mill lines if both are it is so many blocks x any z axis that is


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