LGD’s Manager’s Explanation on Nothingtosay’s current situation

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Source: Weibo, official

Brief translation: They applied for the "leaving Malaysia" permission for NTS on August 1st (which is a while ago). They asked for the same intermediary who did that for NTS for the Animajor to submit the application, and the intermediary told them that it's going to take longer, but stated that NTS will get his permission before the second week of September (which is today – deadline already passed in Asia). Fnatic.ChYuan applied for his permission on July 16th and got it within a month so they thought everything was fine.

So with the deadline passed, they are not sure when NTS will get the permission (No earlier than next Monday for sure). They are in close contact with the intermediary company and will let everyone know if things work out. They are also trying to find ways to speed up the process


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/plky6z/lgds_managers_explanation_on_nothingtosays/

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