List of all old supertest tank project PART 1 (british & russian)

As you may know ,the AMR-35 leaked in 2014 in the supertest, and it finally became available in 2019. I'll make a list of all those old supertest leak that are not in the game but that could be used by the dev in the future


The A7

A british light or medium tier II or III in ly opinion


medium tank maybe tier V

The Matilda I

maybe a tier II medium tank (it had a 3d model )

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The british light line

tier IV : stuart IV

tier III : Stuart I (lead to stuart IV or to the Grant)

tier II : M2A4

Sherman II

tier V it was leading to the sherman firefly which is now a premium


The ZIS-30

The GAZ-75

The SG-122 (A)

(no supertest picture but u can find on the net what it's look like)

SU-76 BM

maybe tier IV leading to su 85


They were seen at the background of a screenshot and there was also one sitting inside a building in the Kharkov map, at A3 sector.


maybe tier ii leading ti su 76BM


no ingame picture but was seen in a future version of the tech tree ( tier ii)


It looks as if it will have three guns (one in the hull, one in the turret, and one in the second turret) when multi-gun support is introduced.


Having three gun turrets and two machine gun turrets it will probably be implimented when multi-turret support is


t is a captured German Panzer IV H, which is currently in game.



It's a Russian premiumtier VII panther period

T-22 Tank Grotte ( TG )

not ingame pic but it looked like that .


It's baisicly a BT-5 with rockets; it is unknown weather the rockets will be functional.

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That's all for british and russian tanks, stay tuned for the part 2 with other nations


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