List of Useful Goods and Data

I can't imagine I'm the only one struggling to wade through all the goods and data and find what's useful and what's trash.

I've compiled an alphabetical list of what is used based on upgrading every weapon and every suit. Engineering mods aren't all known yet, but this list contains everything currently known to be used.

If other people find this list helpful, I'll update it when I update the list I use myself as more mods become known. Also, if anyone knows anything to add, please comment and I'll add it. Hope this helps someone else!


Compression-liquefied gas


Health monitor

Ionised gas

Power regulator

Suit schematic

Weapon schematic


Air quality report

Atmospheric data

Ballistics data

Chemical inventory

Clinical trial records

Combat training material

Combatant performance

Digital designs

Gene sequencing data

Manufacturing instructions

Mining analytics

Operational manual

Pharmaceutical patents

Production reports

Reactor output review

Recycling logs

Risk assessments

Security expenses

Spectral analysis data

Stellar activity logs

Topographical surveys

Troop deployment records

Weapon inventory

Weapon test data


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