Looking for Players and Casters for Season 10 of MD2L

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The Midwest Dota 2 League is in the heat of sign-ups! We currently have over 35+ teams signed up and many more waiting to fill out as a full 5-stack. We will be locking that team total at 48 teams, so be sure to join the discord and register ASAP! If you're a North American player and looking to join an amateur league to show off your skills and compete for over $2,000 at the same time, we're the league for you! Sign-ups will close in the next few weeks so if you're interested, make sure to get verified and find a team for you!

If you're not interested in playing, but are looking for more casting opportunities to hone your skills and find new communities, we are also looking for you! With the growth of the league, comes the need for more casters. We have a great community of casters already, but we want all teams to be able to be casted and show off their performance.

While this season will be online, we will be hosting a LAN tournament in 2022 as well! If you're in the Peoria, IL area and want to contribute to an incredible event, there is a volunteer channel in the discord you can use to get in contact with us.

We hope to see many new names and faces in the next year, I hope you join us on this incredible journey! If you have any questions I will answer them as best as I can and you can get in contact with any of the admin team on discord and all of us can answer your questions or direct you where you need to be!

Discord: https://discord.gg/WR2V6YR3

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/DotA2/comments/qvd9f5/looking_for_players_and_casters_for_season_10_of/

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