Massive Odyssey performance improvement after doing this

I initially got no real performance gains in Update 8, but since doing the following, I now have 80-100% increased framerate under most conditions compared to Update 7:

  1. Enable hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in the Windows 10 Graphics settings
  2. Delete the contents of C:UsersMY_USERNAMEAppDataLocalFrontier DevelopmentsElite DangerousOptionsGraphics (this is an old trick I saw somewhere on Reddit previously)
  3. Reboot PC
  4. Launch game and set graphics setting back to the previous values (for me, this is MID default with blur turned off at 1080p without scaling)

Not sure which of the above is really relevant, but that formula worked wonders. Concourse framerate went from 30-40 fps to 60-80fps and I am getting over 100fps in the hangar now while looking at my ship. In space I am getting 120+ except while docking, and my on-foot conflict zones have gone from an unplayable slideshow to 30-50fps.

Still not great, but a HUGE improvement, and this is with a potato PC (i5-2500K + 1060 6GB).

Hope this helps someone! Would like to hear whether it does, or whether this is a one-off fluke.


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