Minecraft needs a big update

So ive been thinking about Minecraft lately and how cool it would be if they just updated most biomes and added new mobs and mini bosses ( and possible bosses too )
New mobs would add adventure to the game, like if they had curtain drops that you would possibly need in brewing or something. Just about all mobs that were ever show cased would be cool. We could have frogs, dragonflies, and crocodiles in swamps, butterflies and moo blooms in flower forests. Ice illigers in ice biomes( and this could add an element to raids including illusioners ). Also I feel like the nether is too easy, I feel like both of the structures should have hard to kill mobs. The bastion having a brute like pigeon maybe, and the nether fortress having those king blazes that were mentioned once. In the new update they are making it so that curtain ores have reduced air exposure, but not reduced water exposure, this would be a great time to add that hostile squid. They are also making it so that diamonds spawn more frequently down below, and they are adding the warden but I think there should be more element. I think there should be a new type of silver fish that is upgraded, and there should be a mob that takes 1 random item from your inventory and you have to kill it for that item back, they should also add mimics for underground chests and make chest loot better.
They should also upgrade biomes, I think they should add all the addition to biomes that were ever mentioned, but I think they should have end biomes. I don’t mean like many biomes, though that would be cool, but what if there was a void biome? You’ll die when you go into the void but what if there was an enchantment that made you not take void damage? Then, since you don’t take voice damage, you’ll be able to access the void biome. I think this biome should be black and purple mainly, and it would work similar to the overworks and nether. You can dig and then there is either bedrock or just the void which you then die in. But the thing that would be a cool addition would be new endgame armor! I don’t really have a name for it but void armor which would be cool but idk. This armor will make you forever immune to the void damage while in the void biome. It would also have all the attributes to the nephrite armor just more of them! Then 1 last thing about this void stuff is I think, since they are both found in the end, they should be able to be combined with elytra to be upgraded Into void elytra! This would just be an upgraded version, go faster, more durability, maybe cool things like forever potion effects?
I feel like the ender dragon should be the last boss you kill, since that’s supposed to be the end of the game. I think the enderdragon should be harder to kills, possibly more attack moves, but something that would be cool is if the end crystals shot guardian like beams that hurt you! I also think that you have to defeat the wither before the enderdragon by the strong hold maybe needing a nether star or something for you to access it, or maybe the wither has a new drop but idk really.
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