Minecraft Plus Secrets

This year Mojang released a bundle of screensavers for 64-bit Windows 7 and higher.
It is called Minecraft Plus and can be downloaded from this page.
There are multiple hidden messages in the mark-up of the download page, here they are:

I definitely wasn't hired for my webdev skills haha  
What is this? Where are all the libraries? This is never going to work in IE  
Is that written by hand? Puzzling!  

After downloading the compressed archive, I was greeted with MinecraftPlus.scr, an executable with a glowing squid for its icon that displays a random Minecraft-themed screensaver.

The program will display a randomly selected text message,
here are all the possible messages:
Busy config window|Sorry, I don't have time to handle this right now
Optimistic config window|Nothing here, but I'm sure something will eventually show up
Deep config window|Ask yourself why do you need to change anything?
Motivational config window|Important things in life can't be configured by just clicking
Fortune cookie config window|Your lucky number is fish
Banana config window|Banana
Minecraft config window|Removed dirt
Enlightened config window|Everything is already perfectly configured
??? config window|Help, I'm trapped in a config window factory
Goat config window|Toggled Goat
Config window|3D Maze: disabled
Stubborn config window|…!
Mentor config window|The real config was inside you all along
Config window|Listen, you have so many config windows to choose from, why did you pick me?
Printer config window|Low cyan!
Operation successful|Reversed config window
Error config window|No error!
Three config window|Three is now set to seven
Tpyo confg windiw|Mispelings, actiivated?
Treacherous config window|This is not a config window
Assertive config window|NO!
Educational config window|Config windows may contain useful settings!
Assistant config window|It looks like you are trying to config screensaver!
Important config window|The thing is done!
Lonely config windowSeems I'm the only one here

Have fun!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/mhzhp9/minecraft_plus_secrets/

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