Minecraft Theory – Endermen are Black People

I recently made a rather incredible discovery – Endermen are designed to be Black people in Minecraft. Let me explain:

Firstly, and obviously, they are black. Not only this, but they are tall, just like a lot of Black people. This can be evidenced in the absolute amount of Black people that play basketball. But this is not all!

Next, some observations on their behaviour. While creepers explode (Jihads) and skeletons shoot you (Americans), what do Endermen do? That's right… they pick up your blocks and run away with them. (And might I point out that they run very fast indeed?) And what happens when you challenge them about it? They get very hostile and aggressive, run at you, and attack you. It was clear what Notch intended in this behaviour.

If you find them coming at you, you can find safety by going into a body of water. No need to remind you that, in true fashion, Enderman are scared of water as they cannot swim.

I'm amazed that this isn't common knowledge, as when I think about it it seems incredibly obvious.

From the Minecraft Wiki:

" If provoked, Endermen open their mouths and begin to shake angrily; they also make loud, lengthy, threatening sounds while being stared at. "

What do you guys think?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Minecraft/comments/lppvjm/minecraft_theory_endermen_are_black_people/

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