Missing concourse NPCs bug – Please contribute to get this more attention!

Hey all. Since Odyssey Alpha phase 3 I have noticed that almost every time I dock at a rotating station (not an outpost or planetary base), when I arrive on the concourse the interactable NPCs (Apex, mission givers, bartender, Inter Astra, Genomics, Frontier Solutions, Pioneer) are all either nowhere to be found or are displaced from their normal locations, sometimes floating above the floor or upside down somewhere. My own testing has shown that this seems to be linked to landing with FA off. If you land with FA on, you should never see this happen. I've seen others confirming this in issue tracker.

I originally submitted this in the issue tracker under issue #28757, but that issue is now invalid. I've noted several other issues submitted under 37505, 37846, 38598, 38959 and 39095. Issue #37505 seems to be getting decent attention from the community, so the link is provided below so that anyone who has reproduced this can add their voices to the chorus. It's pretty frustrating to have to Frontier Flop every time I land at a station and forget to turn FA on. Also, I like landing FA off dammit!


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/o50c68/missing_concourse_npcs_bug_please_contribute_to/

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