Mojang is REALLY REALLY cruel

Look, I don't hate creepers. But the most annoying aspect of creepers is that they instantly explode when they fall next to you in a ravine. I know it's preventable by looking up, but looking up frequently just to that reason is really annoying. We all hate annoyance in Minecraft.

Creepers start their timer before they hit the floor, according to the wiki :

A creeper jumps down to a player if it can survive the fall. Creepers begin the 1.5 seconds hissing before falling, so an explosion occurs sooner after landing with higher falls

This means explosion is near instant once they hit the floor beside you. Also because they tend to land almost directly beside you, you take almost full explosion damage, you are guaranteed to die or take crazy damage even with netherite/diamond armor. 0 range creepers are incredibly deadly.

A shield won't even help you because you have no time to react from split second explosions. Ravines are a death trap.

I heard that this features was intended. Well know Mojang I REALLY REALLY dislike you.


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