Multicrew issue + temporary fix [ODDYSEY] – Hyperspace/Supercruise bug

Wanted to inform everyone of a temporary fix to an issue I've discovered with multicrew travel since the Oddysey launch. (This IS still an issue after the hotfix that released)

Problem seems to occur while in the cockpit of fellow crew member in the 'multicrew' environment. Everything seems to work next to perfect EXCEPT for jumping and using Supercruise. After FSD is charged and counts down to zero the passenger in the ship seems to get 'stuck'. This can either be stuck on countdown at 0 seconds, stuck in hyperspeed loop as if you're never reaching the jump location or after exiting hyperspeed the crew member will just have a frozen screen with an image of the space around you.

THE (Temporary) FIX: Now my crewmate and I came across an interesting fix to remedy this and still travel with your friends until a patch addresses the issue. The PASSENGER crew member should pull up a menu in the cockpit. I usually just go to nav menu [1 on keyboard default] BEFORE initiating Supercruise or hyperspeed jumps. Now have the person keep this menu up while the pilot initiates the jump. Somehow this bypasses some graphical bug causing multicrew passengers game to freeze.

I have spoken to Frontier about the issue and fix but until then this should remedy the issue. Haven't seen alot of people with this but figured I'd pass along my finds. Fly safe, comrades. o7


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