My post about SBMM was responded too by this person, just look at this comment…. disgusting some of the people in this world…. also im white LMFAO

level 4true_american21Score hidden·just now

So now you want to make racist comments? Dude do yourself a favor and grow up. I said you probably run pre made squads which seeing how you talk I'd be shocked if anyone would want to play with you. When it was random servers it's a mix of good, bad, and avg players I've had 3k dmg games 15-18 kill games in normal lobbies. I also said there needs to be matchmaking for new players if your dumbass could read. Some of white folks have to work so you black folks can sit at home and play apex all day and feel important through video games. This will be my last reply cause frankly black folks only listen to themselves or the rappers they want to grow up to be like. Enjoy your freedom while you have it doubt they allow apex in prison.

true_american21 is his username, get people like this the FUCK off this earth racist pig


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