My simple app for easily find mission location with their position and estimated distance in Adityan for Odyssey Alpha.

EDOSettlementFinder printscreen pic


I created a little, simple app that helps you easily find out settlement locations for missions with a drop-down list in Odyssey Alpha! Very easy to use: there is no buttons, less than 3 clicks are required, after choose an item from list, it will be loaded immediately. Or: you can just start typing a part of location name into list, and press Down key and its loaded. No mouse clicks at all! In this small window you can notice quickly if it’s good or not.

App also displays distances in Ls. I know that not (always) accurate because I used a very simple calculation, which doesn't take into account the circulation of celestial bodies, I think… But can be good for comparison. πŸ™‚

Download from Google Drive: (After unziping, exe file can be run from any folder on you computer.)

Happy using!

Fly safe CMDRs!

Datas used from this useful spreadsheet. Thanks for it, Adabar! πŸ™‚

CMDR Wollnerd[HUN], Second acc: Nerdkocka


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