Need a break from the bubble? Hop on the “Glitter Box”, located in Cheneti. We depart tomorrow!

The bubble is a tired place, and we aim to help you get outta there. Your new favorite carrier [ The Glitter Box (K7V-96V) ] will be heading out for a few weeks.

We will be jumping this Saturday from 10 am to noon, PDT. Glitter Overwatch will try to get 4 jumps in, putting us about 2000ly from the bubble, heading straight up towards Sag A. It may land slightly above or below the galactic plane, depending on how tipsy or hung over Glitter Command is.

After Saturday, our daily jump timeslot will be between 11:30am and 12:30pm PDT, so please do "dock in the Box" at that time, unless getting stranded is your thing.

Once at Sag A, we will sort out our next destination.

So, get your exploration hat on. Jump, honk, scan, repeat, then sell your data at the box, securing your hard earned credits and stamping your name on new discoveries!
Bring SRVs!
Donate Tritium!
Some equipment for mining and surface side adventures are on board at the gift shop!

Until then, Glitter Overwatch signing off. o7


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