New Battle Pass BS

Once again WG proved its sole purpose is to milk money from players.

New battle pass rewards have been declared, and for any f2p player is bad news everybody: in the standard bp you'll only get universal blueprint fragments (10 per level so a quarter of what was on previous bp), some credits, some bonds and some boosters; and that's it.

If you want anything better guess what? Time to go shopping: in the improved version you'll find everything else: credit boosters, equipement, bounty equipement and national blueprint frags; but that's not all: not only you have to pay, you also will get less, as this is the case with fragments since old improved bp granted 30 per level while new one gitfs you only 6… (that's a fifth, A FIFTH!).

Honestly I get WG has to make a profit on something, but this is going far over the profit thing into clear milking territory, because there's not a reason at all to justify the massive move of any good or useful reward from standard to improved battlepass. People was already buying improved bp with the old version, this new arrangement of rewards comes down to greediness and will to force players into spending cash.

And don't even get me started on actual level progression: 3 level 8 and 3 level 9 are just enough to get trough a chapter of the battlepass, then what? Then nothing, you are done because chapters don't reroll progression points on your tanks, so if you are a poor idiot f2p player with a limited amount of tanks you won't even be able to get all the – limited as I explained – stuff that's up for grabs on the standard bp. I get even with the old bp this amount of tanks was just enough to complete it, but since WG had the idea of divide new bp in three chapters, should have taken this problem into account to give all players, even poor ones, a fair experience, 'cause saying "You are f2p? You have too little tanks? Your problem you can't complete bp, grind more tanks…" not only isn't fair but is legit scam to me.

WG screwd us big time, and yes I'm full of rage and disappointment but if anyone wants to have a decent polite confrontation on this argument I'll more than willingly listen to anything he has to say.


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