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Fight for the Empire


Darkwater Inc in the Summerland system has been declared a hostile military target for its role in abducting Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval. The private military firm, led by Colonel Ronan Brock, was secretly hired by the Lords of Restoration to train and equip the NMLA. Darkwater troops also kept the Emperor imprisoned in a concealed bunker for over a year.

Once their involvement was revealed by ACT, Darkwater's forces regrouped around the megaship Pearl Mandate. Colonel Brock led an attempt to gain control of Summerland as a defensive measure but was unsuccessful. The mercenaries have now been branded as wanted criminals by the system authorities.The order to strike against Darkwater came directly from Emperor Arissa: "I call upon my loyal servants and all other warriors of honour to wipe out this nest of traitors. We remember the innocent victims of the NMLA by punishing those who enabled them." The Summerland Patron's Party will redeem combat bonds for destroyed Darkwater ships at the starport Henry O'Hare's Hangar.

Although the Summerland system is typically permit locked, the Empire has arranged a total exemption for independent pilots for a three-week period.

To guarantee that Darkwater is thoroughly eliminated, the Empire is offering a range of incentives to pilots.

The top 75% of participants will be elevated to the rank of Master in the Imperial Navy Auxiliary. They will also receive Arissa Lavigny-Duval's Powerplay Decal as an additional thanks.The top 25% of participants will additionally receive a permanent permit for the Summerland system, as well as a special Empire Combat Zone decal.The top 10 players will be granted an Imperial Hammer for their service. Additionally, a permanent 10% discount on Imperial ships will be available at Henry O'Hare's Hangar, with temporary additional discounts possible depnding on which Tier is reached.

Tier 1 – 10% permanent on ships

Tier 2 – 15% temporary on ships + Imperial Hammer

Tier 3 – 20% temporary on ships + Imperial Hammer

Tier 4 – 25% temporary on ships + Imperial Hammer

Tier 5 – 30% temporary on ships + Imperial Hammer

The Empire has declared their intention to wipe out the Darkwater Inc faction by the 24th February 3308

CURRENT / TARGET – 3,194,092,121 / 250,000,000,000(1.28%)


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