New COVID rules for Bucharest starting from 03.10.2021, h:00.00 for a period of 14 days. Info for ppl attending TI10.

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It is forbidden to organize private events (weddings, baptisms).

The mask becomes mandatory in public spaces: markets, fairs, fairs, flea markets, public transport stations, commercial spaces, means of public transport and at work.

Activities in bars, clubs and discos are prohibited.

The gyms and / or fitness rooms are closed. Restaurants are closing.

The activity of restaurants and cafes inside hotels, guesthouses or other accommodation units, as well as on their terraces is allowed only for people staying in these units.

The organization and development of the activity in cinemas, performance institutions and / or concerts are prohibited.

The organization and outdoor performance of shows, concerts, public and private festivals or other cultural events are allowed with more than 2,500 spectators is allowed with the participation of vaccinated persons only.

All outdoor recreational and sporting activities are prohibited.

It is forbidden to organize and hold rallies and demonstrations.

It is forbidden for people who do not have a green certificate to move out of the house / household between 20:00 and 5:00, on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, unjustifiably and without a certificate from work or declaration.

The shops close at 18:00. Pharmacies, gas stations are excluded, and economic operators with home delivery activity, as well as economic operators in the field of road transport of people and goods can operate normally, in compliance with health protection regulations.

Text was autotranslated srry for mistakes.


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