News from the Supertest: New Map – Lost Paradise!

Hey Tankers!

Here is some news from the supertest for you!

A map for Standard Battle

Size: 1,100 х 1,100 meters

Location: Pacific islands

Setting: Summer – Pacific


Route Scheme

1) The area for mobile vehicles and initial spotting. Low cover, bushes, and small elevation changes.

2) The upper part of the passage for well-armoured vehicles. It’s more dangerous than passage 3. There are many lines of fire both to and from this area. It’s open for SPG fire.

3) Main area of the heavy tank encounter, a narrow pass with a detour along the shore.

4) Beach. It consists of small sand islands and rocks. It’s a dangerous route for distracting the heavy tanks from the main encounter.

5) Main positions for tank destroyers.

6) Alternative routes.

The scheme of routes and main lines of fire:

And some more screenshots for you!


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