Not only behavior score useless, brackets too

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As everyone knows from previous posts in this sub, behavior score won't set you free from griefers and trolls, far from it. Only thing that change is that if you're under 3000, it will take a longer while to find a game unless you're in servers that are always full such as Brazil and Peru.

Now when it comes to bracket, sometimes I watch a friend of mine playing in the higher (than Archon) brackets and it's amazing how many noobs are there. One of these days he was playing Sniper and he putted a ward under the hill. He was eating his opponent alive with nothing but greater aim and this ward and his opponent NEVER bought a sentry. I'm not sure if he really thought it was necessary or that he had no idea why he was taken such a hard beat.

Bizarre things that you'll also see in the higher brackets are great tanks such as Timbersaw dying over 10 times in 25 minutes, Miranas dying over 10 times a game and scores such as 7-45 by the end of the game. And those are not rare situations. Rare situations are balanced games where both teams struggle to win and end with close scores.

The reason for that is surely that a lot people has been paying for people to boost their accounts and it's so much easy to do it without being banned. I'm pretty such some of these people playing in boosted accounts didn't even played the 100 obligatory games to access ranked games.

The way I found to have fun in Dota 2 is play to kill. I never pick tanks as tanks have to rely on their team to follow their attacks and I play my own game the way I want to, many times picking carriers as supports and guess what? Sometimes I'm surprised that my bracket moved up when I'm not even trying.

The only time I make myself play serious is when I'm playing with at least 2 more friends. Otherwise this game is free for all in every bracket. If you're lucky to have a decent team, good, if you don't, then use the opportunities you have to make a nice frag until your throne is down.

I know posts like these are deleted as soon as the tards who use part of their time to shit rules on reddit subs, but if you were fast enough to read my true message and realize what this game is about, good for you.


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