NVIDIA DLDSR and Elite dangerous. + AMD FSR.

Hey guys. just reminding those of you with more recent GPU's about the addition of nvidias DLDSR in the latest driver.

turn on DLDSR here.

select the resolution in game.

turning on AMD FSR 1.0 on ultra quality also seems to improve fps (definitely) / image quality ( IMO)
by removing some more of those jagged shimmering things that the crappy ED antialiasing cant get rid of.

getting 90-120 fps in jameson memorial at all ultra-SMAA / 3840x 2160
120-180 in space.
expect 20-30fps less for a 3070.
perhaps dont go so high resolution on a lower card than that. (3060 etc)

so far image smoothness doesnt seem to do much while the game is launched and i cant see any difference changing it and relaunching the game. but haven't really tested it much at all.

if your a real masochist you can increase in-game super sampling as well to really nuke ur frame rates.

anyone else tried DLDSR. what was your experience?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/s4deqq/nvidia_dldsr_and_elite_dangerous_amd_fsr/

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