(ODYSSEY ALPHA) Spreadsheet to find Closest Missions

Hello all, I posted this all over on the Frontier forums but figured I would share here to help people out. I worked on a spreadsheet on those god-forsaken long flights to easily help locate missions that are closer to where I'm located. It's reducing my mission time from ~30 minutes down to like 10. It's still not great but now I can peruse the forums / reddit for just a couple-minute-long flight and return to my mission rather than idle away for 10+ minutes.

Adityan Data

There's a few different functions to the spreadsheet right now and I'm compiling more info as I find it. (Anybody good with graphic design HMU lol)

  • Alphabetical Settlement / Station List
  • Sorted by Stellar-System Body
  • Sorted by Star

The original list was compiled by scouring each planet and making lists, and then I started cross-checking by trying to book flights and verifying the numbers. I managed to remove some random outposts that can't be flown to yet during that part. I've been comparing a lot of the maps to determine which stations are closest but some of my data is bound to be technically incorrect. Anyways! Hope this helps reduce your mission times and feel free to send me info correction or feedback

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mgi31n/odyssey_alpha_spreadsheet_to_find_closest_missions/

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