Odyssey: Explore canyons on foot safely with this one neat trick

Falling into canyons while on foot is scary, but they're actually usually fairly easy to get out of even if you're on foot. And no, I don't mean calling an Apex. Here's the deal:

You can walk run and jump on almost any terrain that isn't too steep.

Some terrain is too steep to jump from, but you can walk on it, though depending on the incline there's a risk you'll slide if you stand on it. (And that's probably how you accidentally got trapped in a canyon.)

And some terrain is too steep to even walk on – stand on it and you glide until you hit walkable terrain. Usually you glide down. BUT!

If you hit terrain that is to steep to walk on with some momentum going in the right direction (run, jump and jetpack to gain said momentum), you can glide UP the wall. And you'll keep doing so with no apparent loss to momentum as long as you don't hit walkable ground (and due to the layout of most canyons, this will mostly either be ledges, or a way out of the canyon).

You can fairly easily clear obstacles that you couldn't with just the jetpack – your jetpack will even recharge while going up this way, which means you may be able to boost further.

I don't think this works on or near vertical surfaces though, but other than artificial structures, there's practically no canyons where all walls are near vertical everywhere – even if you can't find slopes shallow enough to walk out of the canyon.

… If this is a bug, I'm hoping it's one they let us keep.

… Unrelatedly, anyone got a tip of any huge cliff-faces to try and climb with this method?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/nrc8oq/odyssey_explore_canyons_on_foot_safely_with_this/

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