[Odyssey] Some things I’ve learned after a bunch of time in the Alpha


  • After you complete a Restore mission (the ones where you put out fires), go take the power core back.
  • If you're going to do criminal missions, there are plenty on offer from the penal colony.
  • If you have clearance level 3, don't disable Authorization Scans. NPCs are subject to the same credential system you are, so this can save your life since many of the combat NPCs are typically levels 0/1/2.
  • AI only appear on your radar after you've scanned them. There is a small exception if they are attacking you.
  • If you're like me and you casually scan NPCs while walking around, make sure you do it outside of their view. If they're watching you scan them and a bounty pops, they will attack you.


  • The Energylink on Overload mode is your most powerful weapon. It can kill an unshielded, unsuspecting enemy in one hit.
  • Don't sleep on the ballistic SMG, I found it to perform better than the assault rifle because of tighter grouping at medium range (more consecutive head shots) combined with the high magazine capacity.
  • Falloff on laser weapons against shields is really long, so if you can put beams on target with the laser pistol, that's your most efficient method of thermal damage.
  • Grenades can be shot out of the air (yours and the enemy's). I learned this the hard way.


  • Use terminals to find data points. They're tiny and easily overlooked. Many structures have at least 1, and they're a great source of supplemental cash as well as some valuable upgrade materials.
  • Many of the things you loot are used to upgrade your equipment (even though this appears to be not possible for suits). These items do not indicate that they are used as upgrades, so look at the upgrade menu for items and write down what you need so you can avoid selling that stuff.
  • Specific items come from logical places, although there's a high degree of variance here. For instance, you'll find weapon schematics at Military Installations, and Manufacturing Instructions at Industrial Sites.
  • The bartender swapping interface is confusing. You click on the item in the list you want more of, then you spend other items you have to gain more of the thing you clicked on. Don't do what I did and spend all your graphene trying to get more graphene.

Also, I used to have trouble remembering how to spell odyssey, and this game has helped me with that quite a bit.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mhptnv/odyssey_some_things_ive_learned_after_a_bunch_of/

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