Patch Updating now!

Per the official Discord:
The installation of the update has begun. The game will be unavailable for 2 hours approximately.

The update is complete!

No patch notes have been published with this patch yet, but will be later. Once the updates are posted, I will update this post with them.

If you'd like to join BSG's Official Discord, you can find an invite link here!

BSG's Twitter

Patch notes:


● Optimizations of memory consumption.

● A bug with the grenade launcher's load status.

● A bug with the glass shader (face shields).

● Error when purchasing items in exchange for dogtags.

● A bug when the character did not leave the location, after the reconnect at the "train” exfil.

● Various fixes for bot behavior.

● Various bugs and problems on locations.

● Various minor bugs and problems.

● Fixed as well: A bug when the bitcoin price generation was not related to IRL price


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