patch 1.14 august 11 RU server

World of Tanks Update 1.14 Release Dates

1.14 is scheduled for release on RU / EU on August 11 (Wed) in the morning. More precisely, on the night of August 10-11.

What can be done before the patch is released:

  1. A sub-branch of TT Czechoslovakia comes out – 56,600  units. experience can be accumulated in advance on the  Škoda T 25 in order to immediately open the first new product: 7 lvl Vz. 44-1 ( Czechoslovakia, TT-7, upgradeable).
  2. The "Field Upgrade" feature is released – uncheck the Accelerated Crew Training checkboxes from your favorite tanks, premium tanks, and a dozen.
  3. With the release of 1.14, the STG prem tank will be removed from the in-game store for gold  . Now it can still be bought inside the game client for  8700 gold.

Hope u guys started grinding that 220k xp needed for tier ten field mods yet. I wonder if field mods will be unlocked for ranked/frontlines


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