Patch 7.30 Final Release notes revealed

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

Abaddon Localized

Alchemist Localized

Ancient Apparition Localized

Anti-Mage Localized

Arc Warden Localized

Axe Localized

Bane Localized

Batrider Localized

Beastmaster Localized

Bloodseeker Localized

Bounty Hunter Localized

Brewmaster Localized

Bristleback Localized

Broodmother Localized

Centaur Warrunner Localized

Chaos Knight Localized

Chen Localized

Clinkz Localized

Clockwerk Localized

Crystal Maiden Localized

Dark Seer Localized

Dark Willow Localized

Dazzle Localized

Death Prophet Localized

Disruptor Localized

Doom Localized

Dragon Knight Localized

Drow Ranger Localized

Earth Spirit Localized

Earthshaker Localized

Elder Titan Localized

Ember Spirit Localized

Enchantress Localized

Enigma Localized

Faceless Void Localized

Gyrocopter Localized

Huskar Localized

Invoker Localized

Io Localized

Jakiro Localized

Juggernaut Localized

Keeper of the Light Localized

Kunkka Localized

Legion Commander Localized

Leshrac Localized

Lich Localized

Lifestealer Localized

Lina Localized

Lion Localized

Lone Druid Localized

Luna Localized

Lycan Localized

Magnus Localized

Medusa Localized

Meepo Localized

Mirana Localized

Monkey King Localized

Morphling Localized

Naga Siren Localized

Nature’s Prophet Localized

Necrophos Localized

Night Stalker Localized

Nyx Assassin Localized

Ogre Magi Localized

Omniknight Localized

Oracle Localized

Outworld Devourer Localized

Pangolier Localized

Phantom Assassin Localized

Phantom Lancer Localized

Phoenix Localized

Puck Localized

Pudge Localized

Pugna Localized

Queen of Pain Localized

Razor Localized

Riki Localized

Rubick Localized

Sand King Localized

Shadow Demon Localized

Shadow Fiend Localized

Shadow Shaman Localized

Silencer Localized

Skywrath Mage Localized

Slardar Localized

Slark Localized

Sniper Localized

Spectre Localized

Spirit Breaker Localized

Storm Spirit Localized

Sven Localized

Techies Localized

Templar Assassin Localized

Terrorblade Localized

Tidehunter Localized

Timbersaw Localized

Tinker Localized

Tiny Localized

Treant Protector Localized

Troll Warlord Localized

Tusk Localized

Underlord Localized

Undying Localized

Ursa Localized

Vengeful Spirit Localized

Venomancer Localized

Viper Localized

Visage Localized

Void Spirit Localized

Warlock Localized

Weaver Localized

Windranger Localized

Winter Wyvern Localized

Witch Doctor Localized

Wraith King Localized

Zeus Localized


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