Patchnotes for update


The installation of the update has begun. It will take 2 hours approximately, the game will be stopped for this period.

List of changes


  • Optics magnification is now displayed both when changing the mode and in the inspector
  • Items of the context menu "Search by item", "Related search" and "Required search" returned to their original positions 
  • Heavy bleedings are now treated primarily with medkits which have this option


  • Optimization of the game server work
  • Fixed various server errors 


  • Fixed an error that caused the bots to run on the same spot without moving 
  • Fixed an error that caused bots to enter the room with their backs forward
  • Bots are no longer throwing grenades while prone
  • Guards will now spawn at the same time as the boss 


  • Hang on one hundred percent of the location loading 
  • No penalty for endurance in case of hitting the character arms
  • Hanging treatment animation during the removal of bleeding 
  • Throwing a grenade without third party view animation 
  • Disappearance of the quest beacon on reconnect 
  • Double triggering of container sorting 
  • A number of technical bugs related to quick backpack drop 
  • Overwriting standard weapon presets 
  • Spawn of groups under ground (off level)
  • Speed of strafe movement
  • Change of the player's voice, which was not applied in the Hideout 
  • Blocking of inventory operations when the backpack is dropped through the inventory screen 
  • The backpack cannot be searched or picked up if it was dropped during client shutdown. 
  • Desynchronization of the backpack condition if it was picked up while firing. 
  • Reloading with mag selection 
  • Different bugs causing the error 228 
  • Discharging cartridge from MP5 and Kedr 
  • Different localization fixes 
  • Various small bug fixes


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