Phoenix Eternals is looking for Xbox players!

I know what you’re thinking…. “Another squad asking me to do its dirty work and BGS..”


Phoenix Eternals is recruiting Xbox players. We want YOU! (I’ve got no clue who you are but…) YOU! YEA YOU! Are you new? Have you been playing for a while? Are you in a pimped out sidewinder or maybe a sidewinder that’s mildly on space fire? We’re here for you.

Phoenix Eternals is a group looking for players new or old. We love helping people learn the game and giving them opportunities to get ahead OR showing veteran players a good time. We do a bit of everything yet require nothing.

Currently our goals are to expand and learn our PMF limits and to push the leaderboard for some of the tasks in the game!

The rules are as follows:

Be 18+ (so we don’t get in trouble for NSFW stuff and because want to stay in touch while at work on discord)

No racist or hate speech allowed. (Because don’t be a turd.)

We prefer NA players but everyone is welcome! (The only reason for this is that we do squadron events with high payouts and want everyone to be involved)

Please post here or message me for a discord invite where upon joining you will be granted the “recruit” rank. The recruit rank is designed to let us get to know you better before gaining full access! (More of a personality check then anything.)


Looking forward to meeting you.


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