Please vote to help prevent the extinction of anarchy factions.

Odyssey has been catastrophic for Anarchy factions across the board. Years of BGS effort has already been undone in the space of a week. There's absolutely no defence against the waves of negative influence pouring in from the new mechanics. Frontier have acknowledged the issue, showing that it is unintentional behaviour, so all that we can do is vote on it and hope something is done before it's too late.

If you're not actively interested in the BGS the risk of losing access to IF facilities as well as the many other services and opportunities anarchies provide is very real.

Clearly Odyssey has a lot of technical issues that are drawing focus right now, but those will get fixed sooner or later. 6+ years of diligent BGS manipulation won't. I beseech thee, help your local naughty faction avoid complete annihilation with 30 seconds of your time.


Edit: Frontier forum thread.


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