post-0.12 status update

First of all – congratulations! We finally did it and that a huge relief for us and everybody!

  1. Overloading issues (profile load failures, long matching etc.) – YES. we broke every our record and got backend overloaded. Now we are working on stabilization – adding new servers, fixing overload causes.
  2. Fixing different stuff and uploading hotfixes
  3. Performance on milbase is not what we expected (something went wrong and we are fixing it)
  4. Reading your responses and making hot changes to refine progression and balance (this is pretty natural especially with such a big update)
  5. Powering up with your positive feedback and ready to go further! We will make balanced updates within reasonable periods of time. Sorry that kept you waiting for so long!

Let it be a new beginning in EFT history and, with your help, we will make EFT the best.

Long live the hardcore!

BSG devs


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