Post Community Night Reflections as I step down from Community Coordinator

Hello all!

Today is a brand new day. An era has come to a close. My replacement – /u/Dirge_Pump – is now your new Community Coordinator. I want to be the very first to thank him for all the hard work he put into this Community Night. I'll be honest, he did probably 95% of the work leading in to last night, and probably 85-90% of the work last night. If all the hard work he has put in the past month is any indication, then his time as Community Coordinator will put to shame all the work I have done. He is seriously dedicated, and I truly believe he will be able to take the foundations I have built, and on top of them, build a mansion.

For the first time in nearly 2 years (basically been running these since the last Community Night of 2017), I felt relaxed during Community Night. I got to spend time with the players and help them participate in their events. I didn't feel rushed and unable to enjoy things until afterwards, which is when everyone would normally give me lots of thanks for the fun evening and hard work I put in, before we logged off of TS, exhausted.

It was amazing to finally 'see myself' through the eyes of those that attend these Community Night events. I truly had no idea until last night, how much respect I had earned, and how much heartfelt thanks there was for all the work I have put in. It was beyond humbling, realizing that I managed to do good for you all, even while I spent the whole time fearing I had done nothing but bad.

I finally feel a sense of satisfaction. It is like I have completed a marathon when I was told that I didn't even have the ability to run, because all the runners before me gave up. Last night, I got several rounds of the most heartfelt "Thanks Private_Public!" that I have ever heard. It showed me that all the effort I've put in to try to improve this community and improve our communications with WG NA, EU, and even the Devs, has shown fruits.

For everyone that showed up – you have my sincerest gratitude. I spent my last month as Community Coordinator in a state just between fear and depression. All I could think about was that I was letting an entire community (you) down, and that the last Community Night event I would be running was going to be an abject failure. Yet, last night could not be further from what my fears were. It was fully of joy, laughter, jokes, hijinx, tom-foolery, and some of the warmest camaraderie that I have ever felt. You all put my heart at ease.

Finally, I want to try to do at least 1 more thing for you all this year. I started on it last night. I won't just tease it this time. I am trying to see ahead of time if I can secure a few bundles of the Christmas Loot Boxes to give away as prizes in a contest. Well, that is assuming we get the loot boxes this year. If I am able to do so, then I will be putting up a contest in December for them. Keep your fingers crossed, that I am able to work one last bit of magic for you!

Thank you. Everyone. From those that appreciated my hard work and time, to those that wished me nothing by ill will. Without you, I would have had nobody to work hard for, and nobody to try to do cool things for. May you all have a wonderful rest of 2019, as I try to take care of my failing health (really sucks to break your hand because you were patting your dog on the head… and yes, I hate my brittle bones).


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