Pre-engineered odyssey gear and LYR discounts

So I noticed that some people may not realize this yet about buying on-foot gear for odyssey so I'll just put this here.

  • Not every station stocks every suit/weapon/gear, some stations might even have nothing!
  • It is possible to find higher grade (pre-engineered gear) at some stations
    • Higher grade gear is substantially more expensive, for reference, the G3 artemis suit I bought at Hanna station (probably spelt wrong) in Wangal cost me 18.5M
  • The 15% LYR discount applies for odyssey gear, so if you are new and need to save money try trawling the stations in LYR space, this gets really substantial for the higher grade gear.
  • Edit: The sale price of your gear appears affected by the price you paid for it
  • There is no rebuy cost for on-foot deaths (or redeployment as they call it now) so it doesn't matter what price you buy on-foot gear for and as far as I know you don't get charged for your suit if you die in your ship in space, only your ship has a 5% rebuy cost.

Here is a list of pre-engineered gear and locations that I know about.

  1. G3 Artemis Suit (Upgraded Battery, Enhanced Jump): Hanna Station, Wangal. 18.5M
  2. G3 Manitcore Tormentor (2 empty slots): Schachner Station, Lembava 1.5M (with 15% LYR)
  3. New: G3 Dominator Suit (3 empty slots): Pike Terminal, Mitnahas. 3.75M (15% LYR)
  4. New: G2 TK Eclipse Carbine (Fast Handling): Pike Terminal, Mitnahas ~1.25M (15% LYR)


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