Problems installing Odyssey on Linux

Hello, I urgently need help with a problem that is not allowing me to install and play odyssey on Linux, even following the instructions for installing custom wine-mono for the game described by Brendan McGrath: I have the following problem: I can open the game launcher and press the button to install odyssey, however, the launcher closes randomly, even when downloading the update (when I'm saying "download the update" it is in the state that "syncing files" appears), which makes me not complete the installation and thus play the update. However, I can play Elite: Dangerous Horizons, without any problems. My distribution is Manjaro, the customized version of wine-mono is 6.1.0_ED (I have already tried, and I have also tested all recent versions of Proton, including the customized version proton-ge-custom: I appreciate it if you can help me in any way, I really love Elite and would love to try and play this wonderful new expansion.


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