PSA: Bugs with Imperial/Federal Navy rank? Doubled after Odyssey? Seems a visual/API bug, but doesn’t change your actual rank and progress works.

If you were confused by your Navy rank suddenly and seemingly doubling after the Odyssey update, it seems it's a visual/server/API doubling bug, but it doesn't really affect your actual rank in the navy for all other purposes.

From here, especially here or here, plenty of people had it. But so far it seems it's just visual/API issue. Before the bug I was at Warrant Officer and Knight with Feds/Imps. With the bug, everything including Inara showed Earl or Rear Admiral, exactly (!) 2x the rank, as mentioned in this post. Of course I couldn't buy a Vette or Clipper. Because it was just the visuals and API. Still very confusing, I know.

Today I tried some more Empire missions and finally received a Navy mission follow-up, taking me to "Marquis" from "Earl", but in fact around Knight or Lord (Marquis is ~2x the Knight in whatever units they use for rank).

So rest assured, at least now, you can still advance your rank, even if it looks doubled and bugged in-game or elsewhere. Just roughly divide it by two…

Yet, the bug isn't nice, it messes up the game and API including Inara and EDSM, but at least it seems to be visual/API only, without any effect on your actual progression or rank grind (or sadly, since I was really looking forward to getting my 'Vette without all the Fed grind!). At least I still got the Navy rank advance missions and proper rank advance (even if doubled visually) when I got to 100% in my real rank, no matter what the game or API showed… It's just now hard to gauge when you get the rank advance navy mission.


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